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Practical Stylists featured in Power Pop Prime Vol. 9 (Book and 3 CD set).

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The long overdue Practical Stylists album Post_script is now available. Containing 8 studio tracks and 9 live songs, Post_script is the ultimate Practical Stylists collection! Download your copy from one of these sites:

Time Line

T On Stage: June 1982 through September 1984: fall and winter of 1989/1990. Appeared With: Guadalcanal Diary, Factual, Jason & the Scorchers, The Bangles, The Bongos, Swimming Pool Q's, Love Tractor, The Replacements, In Pursuit, The Questionnaires, Afrikan Dreamland, Raging Fire, Actuel, Civic Duty, Tim Krekel & the Sluggers, The White Animals, many others.


D "Swing Your Arms Around" / "Ralph" cassette single, February 1983; "General Beat" / "My Bed" 7" 45rpm, September, 1983; "She's Got Lots", WRVU "Local Heroes" compilation, November, 1983; "Return to Elliston Square, 1979 - 1989" compilation, January, 2008; "Post Script" full length album, May, 2008: Power Pop Prime Vol. 9 compilation, January, 2012.

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