Practical Stylists - the original Nashville powerpop band...

From the 1983 Press Kit

Exploding onto the Nashville club scene in June of 1982, Practical Stylists have been garnering attention from critics and fans alike for their dynamic stage shows, highlighting their infectious danceable brand of high energy pop.  Showcasing well crafted songs which combine elements of 60's influenced rock with an 80's pop sensibility, the band rapidly moved into the top rank of local performers generating a large and enthusiastic following.

To supplement tours in the South and Midwest, Practical Stylists released an independent single in August of 1983, "General Beat'' / "My Bed''.  "General Beat'' successfully captures the energy and spark of their live show and demonstrates their musical virtuosity.  "My Bed" is a perfect example of a well constructed and executed pop song featuring stunning guitar work from Stylists' David Russell.  Radio quickly caught on to the record, which has been receiving airplay from New York to California.   Gaining national distribution for the 45 through Important Records, as well as consistent touring, headlining and opening shows for the Bongos, Love Tractor, the Bangles, and Jason and the Nashville Scorchers among others, has expanded the band's evergrowing popularity and recognition.

Formed in the spring of 1982, Practical Stylists merged the individual talents of Scott Sullivant (lead vocals, bass), David Russell (guitar, vocals), and Jim Hodgkins (drums) in an effort to bring something musically different to Nashville.  Sullivant's vocals capture a range of emotions, easily shifting from brash youthful exuberance to silky seductive crooning.   His vocals combine with pounding, jazz-influenced bass lines which frequently evolve into intriguing counter melodies.  Russell's guitar expertise is the musical heart of the band's sound.  

A dynamic stage presence... showcasing well crafted songs

A student of classical guitar since the age of nine, Russell combines fluid chord changes and restrained yet impressive solos with ease, providing the sound and excitement of multiple guitars.  Hodgkins' drums supply the explosive force of the band.  His lightning fast hands and natural ease of performance provide the backbone of this talented trio.  On record or on stage, Practical Stylists deliver exciting and emotional rock and roll, which evokes the joyful innocence of the past while embracing the mystery and mobility of the future.

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